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Come and Hop with us! Each participating downtown business will serve a special menu item for the day of the event.  Pre-purchase a wristband in advance at any of our participating locations (We will provide you with a map highlighting each participating business and what they will be serving). Show up the day of the event and hop around to enjoy the food and beverage flavors of our vibrant downtown. 

We hope you leave with a full stomach, and perhaps a new favorite food spot in town! 

Wristbands on SALE NOW!

You can purchase your wristband at:

Harriman Real Estate:

Monday - Friday 9 AM–5 PM

 Wallingford Center Inc:

Monday- Friday 10am - 4pm

 Calcagni Real Estate:

Monday - Friday 9 AM–5 PM

Saturday 9 AM–4 PM

Sunday 10 AM–3 PM

Salon Nathaniel:

Tuesday/Friday 9 AM–2 PM

Wednesday / Thursday 2pm–8 PM

Saturday 8 AM–1 PM

Instagram post Restaurant HOP.png


Artisan Art Show: 

You will be given a map and sheet of locations where you can visit local artists. Once you​ visit the Art Show, fill out a ballot and give it to the participating business representative. Once completed you will be entered into a drawing of gift basket work $350 in local gifts.




Artists will be display their work at the following locations:

4 Center Street

HUBCAP Wallingford

Le Jardin Cafe

Portraits by Amaris

Salon Nathaniel Signature Salon

Participating Locations.jpg

Participating Restaurants!

Favios Trattoria

Gaetano's Tavern

Green Kettle

Juanito Pizza Express


La Piazza

Le Jardin Cafe

Los Mariachis

Michaels Trattoria

Mr D's

Rosa's Deli

Six One Nine

Sweet Cioccolata

The Eatery

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